Friday, 26 December 2014

The Concept

I have a certain affinity for Cyprus. I've only ever spent a week there, but it was a fantastic week and ever since I have felt the urge to find out a bit more. Unfortunately, when I did have a search, I discovered that just over a year ago Cyprus had been involved in a terrible financial crisis and had to be bailed out by the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and a few others and in the process had a huge bank deposit levy, a sort of deposit tax, forced upon them by the people who were bailing them out. So, this did create a bit of a dilemma for Cyprus. Nicos Anastasiades, the President of Cyprus, has taken the reigns of the country since this happened. But Anastasiades has been making headway. Recently a new Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus was appointed, Chrystalla Georghadji and Sir Christopher Pissarides, nobel laureate and famed Cypriot economist has recently appointed as Chairman of the Council of the National Economy. It is obvious that Anastasiades is making serious steps to deal with the debt crisis, unlike some countries that just evaded going under, such as my very own United Kingdom.

I decided to run this blog because I have been interested in freelance writing for a bit and the frequent advice is that you should really have a speciality, a niche subject that you are really quite knowledgeable on. As I already had this interest in Cyprus in general, not just in finance, I decided to run this blog, Cyprus Echo. I think it is a bit of a gap in the market, and I am trying to apeal not just to finance moguls, but to the average citizen of my country and of Cyprus. I cannot predict how successful this will be, I can only hope instead. I aim to write whatever I can garner from over here in the UK. I can only speculate on local feeling on certain subjects. What gets reported in Cypriot media, international media, is what I can write about. Finance, politics, social issues, that kind of thing. A solution to the north/south divide is a big social issue in Cyprus. I aim to write at least once every week, but plans do not always come together. Hopefully there will be lots of content - Cyprus is a country in it's own right and I'm sure there's plenty of stuff going on for me to write about.

As it is my own blog, I can offer views on things like the bank bailouts, politics, plans for reunification, the economy, currency (they joined the Eurozone recently, and some would say it caused their financial collapse), and also they've got a rather interesting policy as they are friends with Russia, and Israel, and the UK and the West in general. There may be a time rather soon when America and the UK force them to choose between the West and the East. Putin is running his country in a way that cause the West to start reacting. So, that is the plan. Wish me luck.

Andrew Williams


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